VitrA in the showrooms

From WC and bathtubs to showers and other bathroom furniture, VitrA supplies millions of pieces of ceramic each year. This big name in the sector is present in numerous showrooms and we’d like to put some of their ranges under the spotlight.

The adaptable S50

It is possible to transform your bathroom into a space you will enjoy, with ergonomic designs. All you need to do is bring together the right solutions. The VitrA’s S50 series, designed by the NOA Design Group, offers suitable solutions for all bathrooms. Versatility is a defining feature of this range. Choose either contemporary lines or organically rounded basins in a choice of sizes. Opt for a comfort or standard-height WC pan with a choice of compact or standard depths. The result: a bathroom suite to perfectly match the user’s needs and taste.

VitrA S50 1   VitrA S50 2

Zentrum’s ergonomy

VitrA has bathroom ergonomics in mind and it is the focus of the Zentrum range. Its array of washbasins, WC pans and seats are practical, functional and finely formed to make a series offering a wide range of affordable products at VitrA’s signature quality. This range fits perfectly in a contemporary interior design.

Zentrum picture 1               Zentrum picture 2

The angular X-Line

The X-Line by VitrA is characterised by a unique balance between purist elegance and high functionality. Standing out in its category with its angular designs and a solid build, X-Line promises to offer superior performance and quality for your family at an affordable price. Comprised of built-in washbasin and bath models, the X-Line series defies the years with its solid build, durability and soft contoured design. This range is economic to use, environmentally-friendly, boasts smart design, high quality and functionality.

There are many other ranges that can be displayed in our Graham showrooms, we invite you to contact your nearest showroom to know which collections are present.

Please note that every showroom may not have VitrA displays.