While your bathroom may well be one of the smallest rooms in your home, that doesn’t mean it should be short on style. We have come up with some of our favourite bathroom trends for 2016, check them out…

Bold tiles

Expect bold tiles to be a big trend for 2016 in both the bathroom and the kitchen. Opt for a bold geometric print or a mix of patterns to create an eclectic, bespoke look. To prevent the look from being too dominant aim for tiles in a similar colour tone for a contemporary look.


We all like a little luxury and where better than in the bathroom to indulge in some pampering? To create the boutique-chic look in your bathroom it is important to get the materials right, think marble, crystal and metallics. The clever use of storage and lighting will also add to the hotel-feel. Opt for fittings that add that extra touch of understated style, such as the Blenheim freestanding double-ended acrylic bath, which makes the perfect place to lie-back, relax and be pampered!

A fuss-free finish

Minimalism isn’t a new look but it could be a strong trend for 2016 with clean lines and fuss-free finishes the way to create the look. With this trend it is important to keep the bathroom clutter-free which means investing in great storage. The Roper Rhodes freestanding Diverge unit for example, boasts plenty of room to store away those bathroom essentials while offering a fuss-free finish in an on-trend charcoal finish.

Maximising space

Many of us have caught on to the technique of maximising light and making a room feel bigger with the clever use of mirrors. A mirror in the bathroom is essential and the Roper Rhodes Intense mirror is not only useful but it also helps create a sense of space.  Offering the latest in LED technology, the Intense mirror has an attractive ‘halo’ of light and the heated demister pad means it won’t fog up.

For more information on any of the products mentioned or for advice on the right fittings for your bathroom, contact the team.