New year, new trends! 2019 is already well underway and we looked into what trends seem to be the defining ones to give you new ideas for a future refitting.

Black and dark tones are expected to rise in usage this year! Space management products and solutions to make a big impression even in small spaces is a trend we believe in and we would recommend to keep an eye on Smart Tech.

Dark is the new Black

Far from being an emo phase, the trend is more into the classy black and is not afraid to go a few shades darker. Matt black is especially in for showers while darker and metallic baths are expected to be popular choice this year.

Talking about baths, white remains popular and timeless so don’t worry about your immaculate tub, it shall never go out of fashion.

Overall, every bathroom part left will tend to go either black, dark shades or natural muted colours.

Darker colours will influence design for furniture, while a focus on the bathroom as a communal space will inspire more open designs.

Space defining products

New houses tend to decrease in size, making it important to try and save space wherever it is possible. It is especially into bathrooms where it will be needed if you want to install a bath.

All in all, space saving will tend to be privileged in 2019. This is a good opportunity to install a wall hung basin as new technologies are making them thinner and more defined to fit that role of space economy.

Because you always need exceptions to any prediction, shower trays seem to go the opposite direction and grow larger. This can be easily explained by the size reduction of bathrooms we talked about. With less space preventing a bath to be installed, showers grow.

One other aspect that changes with that is the shower surrounds which go bigger and thicker to fit with new needs.

Overall, this should be the opportunity for installation of wet rooms for the year.

Smart Tech on the rise

Technology is ever so present in our daily life. But there seems to be a place where it doesn’t dare to come too often, the bathroom.

2019 could be the opportunity to get your bathroom up to date regarding the latest smart technology available.

Smart showers such as the ones proposed by Aqualisa are designed to enhance your comfort while relaxing in the water. With that, it is possible to customize your showering settings so that when you want to go have a shower, you just have to press a button, which can even be placed out of your bathroom, and by the time you arrive you’ll be able to enjoy the perfect temperature and settings that suit your preferences.

When it comes to furniture, the main technology that stands out comes from integrated lighting which are less energy consuming than regular light bulbs and work perfectly in the case of mirrors such as the HiB Globe.

We found other more niche trends in our research that you may be interested in! Such as exposing the plumbing for your washbasin or even give your towel warmer a plumb style. We also noticed a resurgence of woodworking for a touch of authenticity. We perceived hints that having original and funny tiles installed into your bathroom may become a trend and would recommend to visit CTD or Showerwall for some ideas.