10 things to think about before buying a shower

Buying a new shower or showers is a serious investment. Between the price and specifics to take into account, we decided to give you a few tips for you!



Before you jump in think about how you shower and who will be using the shower, simple and important questions to ask yourself.


The hotel inspired overhead shower may be on your wish list but think about your options. Maybe you want to incorporate a hand-held shower too, perfect for those who do not wish to get their hair wet and rinsing out the shower.


Before going for the showers you’re going to consider, think about your water pressure. Do you have a gravity fed system, combination boiler or pressurised system? You also need to think about the size of your water tank, is it large enough to meet your water needs?


If this is your forever home, then you should certainly think about future proofing the shower. You should think about non-slip tiles, grab bars and maybe a seating area in your shower.


Create the biggest shower you can out of the amount of space you have, it’s a simple as that. Whether that’s a walk-in shower or shower enclosure, both can be designed to look exactly how you want them.


Consider the layout of the whole room, if you’re going for a walk-in shower then place furniture away from the shower so you minimise how wet items get.


If at all possible try to avoid a step into your shower instead go for a flush level floor, which can be achieved with a very shallow tray, or a tiled gradient floor.


Think about adding underfloor heating to dry up moisture, this will give off low level heat and heat your tiles. Now when you step out of the shower you won’t feel a chill thanks to the heated floor.


Think about creating a shower recess to store your bottles that might normally clutter the floor of your shower. Stylish and practical.


Consider customised lighting solutions for your shower. You may want lighting that changes at the click of a button, lighting on a timer or motion-sensor lighting. These are all options.



We hope this proved useful to you and don’t hesitate to contact us for more information. Or go to your closest Graham Showroom to see the various showers and other displays that could make your perfect bathroom.