The Gemini Blueprint software can help you create a perfect 3D representation of your dream bathroom on screen. Giving you an outstanding opportunity to see how it would look for real. So, you can see how well everything goes together or change anything you don’t like in seconds. And if everything’s not exactly to your liking, re-model it or even start afresh. It’s your exclusive invitation to take full advantage of the Gemini experience together with an exceptional range of bathroom furniture to make it work exclusively for you.

Here’s a short ‘how-to’ guide to getting you started. For a more in-depth look at how to create your perfect 3D bathroom scroll down to the video below which was created by the co-founder of Spark Vision, the video will take you through the process of drawing and furnishing your bathroom in a few minutes. 

1. Select

Search for and select the products that you want to use in your project. Start by choosing the product group you would like to use from the list of product groups in the Property area and then use the filters available to choose your desired products. Left-click on a product to select it as well as all the other ones needed for your project. Products that have 3 dots in the bottom right part of an icon indicating that there are configuration options. It is possible to later go back and add additional products should you decide to use them in your project.

2. Draw

In the drawing area, you can quite intuitively create a drawing of the room. Choose the dimensions, corners, and doors to correspond to your bathroom. You can even create a sloped ceiling in the tool so that it is taken into account when placing the products.

3. Place

In this section, you have the possibility to place your choice of tiles, flooring, walls, and border as well as the furniture you have chosen for your project. For that, you just need to select the item and drag it to a place where you desire. You can rearrange however you like at any point. It is also possible to build blocks and niches to create tiled bathtubs, dividing walls or a niche in a wall to give just a few examples.

4. Summarise

Lastly, you can use the summarise part of the tool to get a view of your project as if you were inside the bathroom and make sure it looks like what you want and be able to still go back and do any necessary modification.